A Woman Received Creepy Texts From A Random Delivery Guy, And Twitter Is Livid

Ordering food should never be anything other than a joyous occasion, celebrated with comfy pants, a couch, and a stacked Netflix queue. A world in which food shows up at your door with minimal effort should really be a worry-free environment, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We live in Garbage Reality, which dictates that bad things must persistently taint happy experiences.

One woman’s recent encounter with a food delivery guy has proven this to be true, and has everyone seriously rethinking their casual ordering habits.

It all began when Twitter user Michelle Midwinter ordered takeout using Just Eat, a food delivery app that is commonly used abroad. Apparently, following the delivery of her food, Michelle’s delivery guy decided to take his “customer service” to the next level by sending her flirty (and unsolicited) texts.

Michelle scared screenshots of the man’s texts, as well as her subsequent interactions with the company when she chose to file a complaint.

Apparently, the company was only willing to offer a £10 voucher for Michelle’s “inconvenience,” and actually claimed to not have a complaints department. (Seriously, what sort of a slipshod operation is this, anyway?)

(Also, for what it’s worth, I find the sentence “Good night bby see you next time when i get your meal” to be particularly disturbing, especially when followed by a kissy emoji.)

Michelle told her Twitter followers that she had considered complaining to the restaurant itself, but that she felt reporting the incident to Just Eat would be more productive.

Not surprisingly, Twitter was pretty livid over A.) the misuse of a customer’s personal information, and B.) the company’s lackluster response to the issue.