25 People Share The Nicest Thing A Stranger Has Ever Done For Them

21. missmend:

In February, I hit a patch of ice and slid off the road into a bunch. Luckily I’m not hurt, and I get out of the car, shaking. No sooner had my car skid off than three or four cars stop, pull over, and people are asking me if I’m hurt, what’s wrong, anybody else hurt, etc. One guy offered to try and haul my car out and another stayed with me while I called my folks to tell them what happened. Admittedly, nothing got done until my dad and a friend jerryrigged the thing off of some logs, but all those people stopped to make sure I was okay and didn’t just drive off, watching in interest at the car wreck.

22. Lovebug_brooke411:

Was 16. It was raining and I lost control of my car and wrapped myself around a tree. I was fine got out of the car but was losing my freaking mind in full blown panic. I knew first thing to do was call 911 so I did, while on the phone a few cars passed by but no one stopped, I was sitting on the curb on the phone next to a broken car and it was still raining. I was crying and talking to 911 when an suv pulled up. A woman got out to see if I was okay. She saw I was crying drenched and shaking. She got me into her car and gave me some water. I called my mom after I got off the phone with 911. I waited in that womans car till the police arrived. The thing that got me the most though was I was in the passenger seat and I turned to look back to come face to face with three children. She had been on her way taking them to school. With three kids in her car she stopped to help a stranger on the side of the road and gave me place to be out of the rain. She stayed until my mom arrived. That woman has stayed with me in my memories till this day. Thank you

23. missambience:

Was at the checkout at Wal-Mart when I was very very noticeably pregnant, talking on the phone to my so. I was telling him they were out of strawberries and I’d have to drive across town to the other grocery store.

And old man in line in front of me paid for his groceries, turned towards me, hands me one of his containers of strawberries and tells me baby needs them more than he does.

24. TcLind:

One morning I was stopped by this middle-aged woman, her english wasn’t that good, but I understood she was lost, and had just started working as a home-care aid. She had a hand written note of the address, I recongized the place and walked 10 minutes out of the way to make sure she got to work. Then went to work myself lol.

25. LockManipulator:

I hitchhiked across several states. All the people that picked me up were amazingly nice. First day I set out, it was 10pm and I was trying to find one more ride. I got picked up by one guy who was heading two hours in the direction I wanted to go and offered me his spare room for the night. I got to shower and sleep in a bed and he even gave me a waterproof bag for me to put my clothes in (as it was rainy season) along with a bunch of granola bars he gets from work. Another ride was headed 500 miles in the same direction. I’ve had people in really beat up cars pick me up and even a pastor in a nice mercedes pick me up. There was a span of a week where there was only one night I did not have a bed or couch to sleep on (didn’t use couchsurfing even though I should’ve) and that was because I was camping at the head of a trail that led to a nice rock climbing area. Really makes you see the good in people 🙂

P.S. I was very careful about my rides. Always pay attention to everything and if anything is shady, use an excuse to say no. As for the guy who let me stay at his place for a night, it was after an hour or so of talking and getting to know each other more. At which point we both felt the other was trustworthy enough.