25 People Share The Nicest Thing A Stranger Has Ever Done For Them

16. AkaliCaT:

I once got off work really late from work and on top of that drove around for an hour looking for a parking spot near my shitty apartment. When I finally found a spot I was so tired and just wanted to crash on my bed that I accidentally locked my car keys and wallet inside the car. I couldn’t call AAA because my then boyfriend was the insurance holder and had to be present to get service. I was also broke so I couldn’t call a tow truck company to help me out. I literally stood outside the car for another hour trying to figure out what to do? I noticed a AAA truck passed by about 5 times not realizing it was the same one. On the 5th time the driver stopped right next to me and asked if I was ok. I explained my situation and he got out and helped me out. Before leaving he asked that I tell him my full name and birthday and show my ID without looking at it. When I answered correctly he got back on his truck and was about to drive away. I offered him $5 dollars but he refused to take it and advised me to get my own AAA card. Super sweet guy.

17.  JinDr:

When I was 19, I left home in attempt to escape my family and got a one way ticket straight to CA. My cousin was supposed to pick me up but he left me stranded (haven’t seen him once since I got there) for days at LAX. Strapped for cash and not knowing anyone I started to panic. I called my friends but no one was able to help me. Was there from Monday until Friday afternoon. One of the cops noticed I’ve been loitering and I was about to get arrested the following day if I’m still there when he starts his shift. Desperately called an acquaintance I just met before flying out and shockingly found out some years back he helped house a homeless guy who lives out in OC.

It was a miracle. I had a temp place to stay, avoided getting arrested all due to an acquaintances previous good deed.

18. Anonymous:

Had only just learned how to swim, but wasn’t great at it by any means. Was on my first family vacation in Florida, and we were at the pool when I tried to swim into the deep end of the adult pool at the hotel. I started to struggle, and almost made it to the ledge to get out, but my body just sort of gave out and I sank. And then I get lifted up by some stranger who just lays me on the side of the pool, asks if I’m okay, then is on his way. Nobody else cared to help or just figured I was just playing around like I was drowning. If not for him, I’d likely be dead.

19. Crommunist:

I was at my first ever work conference in a city about 6000 km from home. I was there by myself. Showed up on the first day and realized that, as I had exited the cab, I had dropped my wallet. I was freaking out because my flight home was the next day, and I needed my ID to board the plane. I didn’t know anyone in the city well enough to stay there, and work wasn’t going to pay for another flight home because I don’t know how pockets work.

As I’m freaking out, I get a message on my work e-mail. Someone has found my wallet in the parking lot when dropping off her husband, found one of my (brand new) business cards inside, and e-mailed me to say that they’d bring it back at the end of the day.

Tried to reward the person as a way of saying thank you, but she refused. She said she’d been there, and knows that feeling of panic. Since then, I’ve made sure never to pass up an opportunity to emulate her actions whenever I find a lost thing.

20. AMHRangel:

Five or so years ago I was having a rough time financially. It was close to Christmas time and I was saving every penny so my kids would have a good Christmas, unfortunately by Christmas eve I had only one small gift for each.

My son’s homeschool teacher (he’s disabled and was too sick to attend school. He’s better now and attending regular school) knew of my situation. She pulled some strings and was able to get the Knights of Columbus to donate a brand new Nabi. I can’t say thank you enough Mrs Correa!

I still didn’t have anything for my girls until the front doorbell rang. I opened the door to a pile of wrapped gifts but no one in sight. This may sound corny but I like to believe it was Santa.