25 People Share The Nicest Thing A Stranger Has Ever Done For Them

6. jay_emdee:

I rolled the dice on refilling my gas tank, because I had to get to a store before closing. Sure enough, it wouldn’t go after I was done shopping. A sweet woman who was with her three kids went out and got me a gallon of gas, and brought it back to the parking lot for me. When I tried to pay her for the gas, she refused. I’ll never forget what she said in her thick Jamaican accent, “Girl don’t worry about it! It happens to me all the time.” I love her.

7. Anonymous:

I was heavily pregnant with my son and it was a roasting hot day on a busy bus. Not one person got up and gave me a seat. A elderly woman got out her seat and took my had and sat me down on it, I explained that this was okay and I was okay standing and that she should take her seat back and shouldn’t be standing. She then said to me that I was exhausted and entitled to a seat and that she was so disappointed with all the other passengers on the bus who never got up, she then went into her bag and gave me a wee electric fan to cool me down cause I was so hot.

8. bravotango93:

I got drunk one night and lost my wallet. I noticed it was gone but assumed it was in my friend’s car and was far too wasted to worry about it. About 30 minutes later I hear a knock at my door, two teenagers had found my wallet in a lot about 6 miles from my home. They drove to my house at nearly 1 in the morning and returned it, all content included.

9. jtwashere:

I was driving home after a semester in college, and the drive was over two days, one 12 hour day, and one 7 hour day. (different times because I stopped at my grandparents house, not a random hotel)

Anyway this is my first time on a long distance drive by myself and about 10 hours on the I-40 in I made a mistake and noticed I was drifting and over compensated, not crashing but spinning my car at least two times if I remember. Fortunately there wasn’t traffic so I didn’t hit anyone. But I was thoroughly freaked out. I pulled my car over ASAP and proceeded to have a panic attack.

Out of nowhere a trucker who was about a half mile back pulls over and talks me down for about 20 minutes. (and I know it takes out of their time) He just made sure I was ok and calm down. I don’t remember his name or anything, but that random truck driver helped me more than I can probably know.

10. aryabadbitchstark:

I was at a convention where my high school celebrity hero Chris Colfer was going to speak about his new children’s book The Land of Stories. I was sitting at his panel and it was Q&A time from the audience. In a rush, I left my camera on my seat and ran to the Q&A line to go first. I asked my question, he answered, all was wonderful. I got to speak to my hero. At the end of the day I was looking through my photos in my camera and found a video that I clearly didn’t record. It was a video of me asking my question and Chris answering it. I figured that someone who sat next to me in the panel and had picked up my camera and recorded my question for me and didn’t say anything about it when I returned to my seat. Thanks to that stranger, I have recorded footage of my one and only interaction with Chris Colfer.