25 People Share The Nicest Thing A Stranger Has Ever Done For Them

The world seems to be a pretty messed up place at the moment. With wine production at an all-time-low, the President of the United States joking around about a nuclear winter and Game of Thrones not coming back for another two years – it’s easy to feel as though life has no meaning. But, thankfully, the people of Reddit are always here to lift our spirits and make us feel a bit better about ourselves. Users decided to share some of the key moments in their lives when a complete stranger did something incredibly nice for them and it’s so moving, I actually have a bit more faith in the world and humanity. A bit. Not much. Just a smidge.


1. embercat:

I was stuck in a foreign airport on my own, aged 17, with no way of communicating with the people (family friends) who were supposed to be picking me up but hadn’t arrived yet. While I was waiting/working out what the hell to do I got talking to a man standing in line to collect his baggage and ended up explaining my situation to him. He left his place in the queue, spent several minutes on the phone to his wife (including traveling several floors up to find phone reception) asking her to find me a number I could call, and just doing all he could to help me.

I’m sure he didn’t think much of what he did, but his kindness and selflessness really overwhelmed me. 10 minutes spent with a complete stranger 7 years ago, but I’ll never forget him.

2. MrNegativity78:

I decided to go to Denny’s for breakfast/lunch break at work. After ordering, I took my name tag off which included my hire year. I felt burnt out and realizing I’d spent almost ten years with my job just made it worse.

When the meal was over, the waitress said the bill had been paid for already. I asked who, and she said they’d already left.

That act of kindness and generosity lifted my spirits and refueled my faith in humanity to get me through another ten years.

3. xkrazyxcourtneyx:

I remember being in the fifth grade, my dad was in jail and my mom was a lousy drunk who spent all of her time sitting in the kitchen talking to herself.

The house down the street from us had kids around the same age as us, so we would hang out there frequently.

A few days before Halloween their mom asked what I was going to be, and I broke down crying right there in their living room, because my mom was too broke to buy us Halloween costumes that year.

She took me into the garage and sifted through the box of old costumes they had, and let me take home a few.

4. npoa_nurse:

On the way to a midterm in college in the middle of the busiest road in the city on the other side of town(from the school). My car breaks down. it’s running but not moving. I later find out that the drive shaft snapped. I get out and start pushing my car out of the way in the middle of the street. A guy comes out of nowhere and helps me push it out of the way. We end up in a parking lot, and I’m thanking him for the help. He says is there anything else i can do. Right away i say can you give me a ride to the school, i have a midterm. He says yes, and guns it to the school drops me off. was on time for the exam.

5. TwistedEmpathy:

I was walking to class and I didn’t know it was going to rain. But it started to rain. I was completely soaked by the time I got to the building. This guy stopped me in the parking lot and gave me his jacket. He told me to keep it.