19 Of The Creepiest (Most Inexplicable) Things People Experienced

6. “That cool car”

When I was pretty young my mom would always go for runs around the neighborhood during the summer. One afternoon after she had been home from a run for a while I asked her “hey mom can you take me to see that cool car you saw on your run this morning?” and I described it in really great detail, based on how she had supposedly described it to me (it was a Plymouth Prowler.) She said she had no idea what I was talking about and probably had heard about it on tv or something, and not from her.

Well the very next morning she gets back from her run and is super excited and kind of freaked out, because down the street is the exact car I had described. We went and saw it, it was cool.

That was like 13 years ago and we still don’t really know how/why that happened.

5. Radio Broadcast

I used to have a clock radio that would tune to a weather frequency when my alarm went off. The day after my dad died, I woke up to the alarm, and after listening to the broadcast, I realized that it was in Danish. And it was a station in Aalborg, Denmark, where my dad had grown up. There was no way I could have reached the frequency since I was in California. I still can’t explain what happened, but I really hope it was him.

4. WTF??

It was back in high school. We were in the middle of class listening to a lesson when my vision went pitch black for a second. I assumed the lights went off but we had windows. Turns out everyone saw the same thing. Finally the teacher just bursted out saying “ok…. let’s just pretend we all blinked at the same time.” Yep… a very memorable unexplained moment for me.

3. Time Freeze

When I was in middle school, cell phones weren’t widespread yet, and I also didn’t carry a watch, so I would often do things without knowing the time.

I used to walk a mile or so to a bus stop, and I was usually the only kid that rode the bus at this time. Our schools started at staggered times, and I was the only middle schooler who rode this bus at this particular time.

I would leave my house at 6:50 and get to the bus stop by 7:20ish. I had gone with a watch before, so I knew the timing, and the bus would always arrive by 7:35, so I always had a bit of extra time.

On this particular day, it was the dead of winter and it was overcast out, so it was quite dark. I left the house at the same time I always did, my family was doing the same things at that time they always were and there was no indication of anything being weird.

I swear, I got to the bus stop, and time froze for a long time. Everything about my walk was normal, but while waiting on the usually busy street for my bus, no cars drove by, no pedestrians walked by, and my bus didn’t come for what felt like hours. The sky did get a little brighter as the day went on, but something felt really weird.

I swear I stood there for hours before, suddenly, things returned to normal and there were cars driving by and a few people walked by. My bus pulled up, and I walked on feeling very strange. I looked at the time – it said 7:33am.

I don’t get what happened.

2. Heart Attack, Attack, Attack…

My dad has told me this story a few times – sometime in the 50s or 60s some of his cousins had gathered together at their parent’s house after their mother unexpectedly passed away in that same house just days prior. One of the cousins, upon crossing the threshold entering into that house, suddenly had a heart attack and died.

Of course this was incredibly shocking and tragic, considering that not only the mother but now one of her sons had passed in the same week. The family then has ANOTHER gathering at the same house. After a few hours of having the family together in the living room, one of the brothers of the recently deceased cousin clutches his hands to his chest, pretending to have a heart attack.

Apparently this cousin was known for his morbid sense of humor so this, while in bad taste, wasn’t out of the ordinary for him. But he wasn’t joking.

That cousin ALSO had a heart attack and died in the exact same room that his brother died in, in the same house that his mother died in, all in roughly a week’s span.

1. Pregnant Precognition

When my sister and I were kids, we were out front of our home, playing near the mailbox. Mom and Dad were there by the window watching, and according to them, my mother turned to my father and asked him to bring us inside. He shrugged her off, but she became more urgent. He asked why it was a problem, and she suddenly panicked and actually started heading towards the front door despite being less than a week away from giving birth to our youngest sister. He stopped her and stepped outside to call us in, and we complied.

Less than a minute later, a car came barreling down the street at high speed and struck our mailbox, destroying it. We would have both been killed instantly.

My parents have never felt entirely comfortable talking about it.

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