Zendaya’s Feet Looked Jacked Up While She Was Sitting In A Pool — And The Internet Pounced

Zendaya — actress, model, and all-around fabulous human — might seem perfect, but that doesn’t mean she’s not susceptible to taking weird photos just like the rest of us.

Recently, Zendaya posted some photos of herself with her pup, Noon, in the swimming pool.

The internet, being the internet, immediately picked up on one important detail in the photo: the water makes Zendaya’s feet look *gasp* huge and weird.

Obviously, Zendaya had to roll her eyes over her fans’ overzealous attention to detail.

But, once Twitter grabs ahold of a joke, it does not let go.

Zendaya was amused — but also a little annoyed, because HELLO, it’s not her fault that water causes distortion!

But everyone can calm down, because we now have confirmation that, as expected, Zendaya’s feet are perfect and normal. (Shocker.)

Honestly, y’all have way too much time on your hands.