This Model’s Screenshots Of DMs from Donald Trump Jr. Just Added An Extra Layer Of Creepy To His Divorce

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa confirmed that they were splitting up in a joint statement on Wednesday, and the news invited a barrage of criticism, theories, and jokes from the Twittersphere. The news sheds new light on some of Don Jr.’s more unsavory tweets from his past — one of which actually involved publicly flirting with a model on Twitter and sending her DMs.

Former model Melissa Stetten recently shared a screenshot of a rather creepy DM she received from Don Jr. in 2011, shortly after his wife gave birth to one of the couple’s five children.

Stetten says that she had tweeted a joke about pulling a muscle while pulling out a tampon, and Don Jr. asked her if it smelled like bacon (??) before DMing her a joke about “asking 4 pics.”

(Yes, this is apparently Don Jr.’s cringe-worthy attempt at spitting game, and I feel like I need to go take a shower after reading it.)

Apparently, the bacon comment wasn’t totally out of left field: the two had previously engaged in some vaguely flirtatious Twitter banter about “soaking” in bacon, so this was clearly Don Jr.’s attempt at a callback.

However, while that might explain the messages, it certainly doesn’t excuse them.

(Side note: TIL that Don Jr. doesn’t know how to spell “Chanel” and I can’t say I’m terribly surprised.)

While this DM screenshot certainly doesn’t look great in the midst of the divorce news, it’s just one of many creepy and lecherous tweets found in the Don Jr. Twiter Archives.

Take, for example, the numerous times that Don Jr. made jokes about his wife forcing him to “sleep on the couch” for making pervy comments about women.

I guess Don Jr. finally learned an invaluable lesson: if you make enough jokes about sleeping on the couch, you will eventually find yourself sleeping on the couch.