Woman’s Beauty Blender Cleaning Hack Has Women Everywhere Celebrating

Beautyblenders, AKA those small, tear-shaped pink sponges that everyone seems to have at least one of nowadays, have made an undeniable impact on the beauty game. However, when you shell out $20 for a makeup sponge, you had better make sure you’re getting as much shelf life out of that product as possible.

Enter: the weird and simple Beautyblender cleaning hack that has taken Twitter by storm.

Essentially, the cleaning hack requires you to place your Beautyblender in a cup of soapy water and microwave the cup for one minute.

The results are apparently so effective that people have taken to Twitter to express their delight.

That said, it’s very important to follow the directions. One genius assumed that the microwave hack simply involved microwaving your makeup sponge, and you can guess how that turned out.

Come on, girl. PAY ATTENTION.

Here’s a slightly clearer video tutorial for the ~*visual learners*~ out there like me.

Obviously, not everyone was impressed with the “hack.” One individual pointed out that “the results were mediocre and I burned my finger,” and that a clean sponge was “achievable by just by using a bar of soap for like 30-40 seconds.”

To each their own! There are plenty of people who are in love with the unusual cleaning trick and have no interest in going back to a basic soap and water technique.

But, even with all the cleaning hacks in the world: y’all still need to remember to change out your makeup sponges on a semi-regular basis. There’s only so much that soapy water can do for an irreversibly nasty sponge.