21 Car Cleaning Hacks That Will Make People Think You Have Your Life In Order

Your car is like your home away from home and, if you live in any major city, is a place you’ll probably spend a fair bit of time in while you’re screaming obscenities at drivers who won’t #@$%ing use their signal lights. Here are a few simple tips that’ll have every passenger thinking to themselves, “Wow, [your name] isn’t quite the utterly hopeless case I always thought they were!”

1. Turn a Standard Plastic Cereal Container Into a Sealed Place to Store Trash and Junk Without the Mess and Smell. Plus, It’s Easy to Empty.

Go from storing Trix to trash.

2. Tired of Your Purse’s Contents Flying Everywhere Each Time You Tokyo Drift? Hook It to the Back of Your Headrest.

Keep that eye-liner where it belongs.

3. A Simple Squeegee And A Few Sprays Of Water Will Remove All That Hair Your Furry Friends Leave Behind.

Take that woofer for a drive.

4. Or, Grab A Water-Proof Seat Cover That’ll Keep Your Upholstery Clean And Is Easier To Maintain.

For all those lake days with the pooch.

5. Put A Sock Over A Cup, Spray It With The Liquid Cleaner Of Your Choosing, Then Use It To Clean Those Hard To Reach Cup Holders

How did I not think of this before?

6. To Protect Against Future Spills And Crumbs, Consider Placing Cupcake Holders At The Bottom To Capture Coins And Junk.


7. Place A Duster In Your Glove Compartment To Get Rid Of Dust As Soon As It Hits Your Dash.

Don’t let the dust pile up.

8. Mix 10% Woolite With 90% Water And Use A Spray Bottle To Spruce Up The Dirty Leather In Your Car, Leaving It Looking Like New

It’s cheap and effective.

9. A Simple Plastic Tray Can Help Make Vehicular Meal Times A Lot Tidier

“On The Go” doesn’t have to make a mess.

10. Keep An Eye On The Road And Your Phone In A Safe Place By Putting It In a Universal Phone Holder.

It’ll also stop all those times your phone slips between the seats.

11. Store All Those Loose Grocery Bags On A Carabiner You Likely Have In A Drawer Somewhere.

Particularly handy if you live in a city that banned plastic bags.

12. A Seat Gap Cover Will Help Ensure You Never Drop Your Phone (Or French Fry) Between The Seats Ever Again.


13. Wipe Your Wipers With Rubbing Alcohol To Avoid Those Awful Windshield Streaks



Get those wipers back in peak condition.

14.  Convert An Old Canister Of Most Toilettes Into Storage For Plastic Bags That Can Be Used For Unexpected Muddy Shoes Or General Trash.

You’ll be glad you have it when the need arises.

15. Got A Lot Of Random Bottles And Supplies Rolling Around The Trunk? Secure Them In Place With An Easy To Install Velcro Storage Wall.

Less junk in the trunk.

16. All Those Important Papers And Manuals You’ve Got Lying Willy Nilly Can Be Quickly Organized In An Expanding File.

Never forget where “that one document” is again!

17.  Plastic Caddies Are Great For Teaching Children Organizational Skills, As Well As For Keeping The Backseat Clean. Grownups Can Use Them Too.

Because nothing is worse than stepping on a LEGO while in your car.

18. Toss Those Floor Mats In The Washer After Spraying Them With Your Choice Of Stain Remover. Good As New!

Make it presentable.

19. Investing In A Kick Mat Might Be A Good Idea If You’d Like To Prevent Dirty Shoe Prints On The Backs Of Your Seats.

For that high-energy kiddo.

20.  A Detail Brush (Or Even An Old ToothBrush) Is Perfect For Getting Crud Out Between Small Cracks And Upholstery.

Just put in some elbow grease.

21. Carpet Cleaners Can Also Be Used On Non-Leather Seats! Make Them Look Like You Just Bought Them From The Dealership.

Because your butt deserves the best.