Williams Sonoma Releases ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Line, And We’re Suddenly In The Mood To Cook

I remember the days where I used to beg my mom to take me to the local bookstore so I can line up and buy the new Harry Potter book that came out. I’d meet up with my friends and we’d giggle, laugh and discuss magic for hours until we finally got our hands on the Harry Potter book we’d be waiting for. Nowadays, I’m shocked I even had the time to read a book that big, since I can barely find time to get my nails done half the time. But, as a Potter-head and an adult, I still look for ways to keep my fandom alive – like by playing Harry Potter video games and buying things for my house that are HP themed. So, when I saw Williams Sonoma released a Harry Potter themed line – I was screaming. 

They start off with these house-themed spatulas – one for your favorite house.

Each of them is broken down by the appropriate logo and color scheme:




And, of course, Hufflepuff: 

To match these killer spatulas, you can get yourself a house apron that represents where the sorting hat will place you.

Maybe you belong in Hufflepuff:

Or, Slytherin: 

Or Ravenclaw:

And, of course, Gryffindor:

If you’re trying to get your kids into the Harry Potter world, they sell the aprons in kids sizes too – thank God, because my nephew needs to be rocking a Hufflepuff apron ASAP when he pretends to cook in his kitchen.

Fans on Twitter were actually excited and impressed with the merch.

Same girl, same.