J.K. Rowling Just Took A Shady Swipe At Trump By Mocking His Oversized Handwriting

J.K. Rowling isn’t done dunking on Trump on twitter.

J.K. Rowling isn’t the biggest fan of Donald Trump, but she is fond of skewering the president with her rapier wit on Twitter.

The Harry Potter author, who was once on public assistance before she became a billionaire, uses her large platform to dunk on Donald for everything from his ignorance to his narcissism:

After Trump pulled out of the Iran deal, which was preventing the country from restarting its nuclear weapons program through routine inspections, a twitter use noticed a peculiar thing about Trump’s signature and Rowling pounced:

She fired off a funny tweet in response once again mocking his ridiculous over-the-top narcissistic tendencies:

Her tweet linked to a site about the study of handwriting, which, while dubious, seems to have hit the mark about what larger signatures mean in Trump’s case:

It reads,

“An arrogant person, conceited, haughty, who needs to exhibit compliments and recognitions, tyrant tendencies, exhibitionist and phony personality that may become megalomaniac with lack of critical sense.”

Seems pretty spot on, no?

Naturally, Twitter was here for the burn:

Keep it up!

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