20+ Of The Laziest Crimes Ever Committed Against Food

Not everyone is willing to exert effort to make food — and, judging from these pictures, some people aren’t even willing to dig up plates. Or utensils.

Prepare to feel better about your basic human competence, because here are some of the laziest abominations involving food that I’ve ever seen:

21. This person who couldn’t even be bothered to find a microwave for their leftovers.


20. This cereal-eater who wasn’t willing to wash a damn bowl.

Twitter: @JeffJano15

19. The fruit-lover who thought that slicing a mango was too grueling.

18. This poor soul who pretty much consumed semi-raw, lukewarm bacon.

17. Another cereal-eater who assumed a wineglass would be a decent substitute for a bowl.

16. Though I guess that’s not as bad as whoever thought this preposterous excuse for a cereal bowl was acceptable.

Twitter: @Shabs_100

15. The person who would rather eat a cheese-on-cheese sandwich than bother buying a loaf of bread.


14. The person who couldn’t even be bothered to use their hands.

13. This lazy genius, who refused to stand and watch water boil like a common rube.

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12. The person who substituted two knives for a pair of chopsticks …