20+ People Share The Super Weird Things They Do When No One’s Looking

We’re all big ol’ weirdos. Let’s face it, when no one is around, we do some pretty weird stuff. Some of us like to do things in private that we wouldn’t dare do in public. Like, for example, I like to drink straight from every bottle of anything in my fridge – OJ, Snapple, cold brew coffee – but, I’d never let my boyfriend see me do it. Makes me look like a hot mess/a dad with a beer belly. While mine’s pretty minor, some people do even weirder sh*t behind closed doors – like picking their nose and putting garden hoses in their mouths. The people of Reddit dished us their dirtiest habits and some of them are just…strange.

1. Delzitsu:

Whenever I see someone’s bare feet I always count their toes to make sure they have 5.

2.  Discostew42:

To help myself get to sleep, I imagine the ideal set of ports I would have on the sides of my laptop, as well as the arrangement…

3. Cliffdogga:

I like to shove a garden hose in my mouth and turn on the water so the water stream massages my mouth

4. Linearts:

Every Sunday I make a list of everyone who’s been nicer to me over the past week than I was to them. Then I try to be extra nice to those people the following week. If no one appears on the list two weeks in a row, I win the game.

5. JCRob2:

When I’m trying to force myself to go to sleep, I think of everything looking like the michelin man. It hurts actually.