If This Wax Statue Is Supposed To Resemble Beyoncé Knowles, Then I’m Calling The Cops

Beyoncé may be the closest thing we have to an American monarchy, but, for some reason, wax sculptors have an astoundingly difficult time capturing her essence in mannequin form. There is a long, rich history of terrible Beyoncé wax figurines, ranging from unrecognizable to straight-up offensive.

There’s this “Beyoncé,” who looks remarkably like Lindsay Lohan.

There’s this vaguely Shakira-themed Beyoncé. (Whose spray tan makes me want to call 911)

And, of course, there’s Beyoncé as a random, white waitress who’s here to take your order.

I understand that Bey’s effervescence is almost impossible to emulate, but come on, folks: show some damn respect.

The most recent offensive Beyoncé wax figurine is currently located at a wax museum in Niagara Falls (although it should probably be located at the bottom of Niagara Falls).