Justin Bieber Just Photoshopped His Face Onto Beyoncé’s Body — And We Can’t Look Away

It’s been a while since our collective attention was diverted to Justin Bieber. But, don’t you worry: Biebs is back with attention-grabbing ways, and this time, it doesn’t involve wearing a fur coat in the middle of a Los Angeles summer.

Recently, Biebs shared a photo with his Instagram followers which featured his head Photoshopped onto Beyoncé’s body.

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Bieber’s caption read, “Y’all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber.”

Here’s the original Beyoncé photo, in case you needed more proof that this is really what’s happening.

Obviously, um, this is a somewhat cryptic image to post to one’s Instagram feed. Is Bieber dissing Beyoncé? Is he hinting at the existence of a long-lost sister? Is he simply high as a Georgia kite??

I’ve been mulling over the possible explanations for this bizarre Photoshop project, and I’ve only come up with three possible explanations:

  • Justin is preparing to debut a new fashion look, and it is strongly Beyoncé-inspired.
  • With all the attention garnered by Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, Justin is feeling extremely left out, and this is his desperate ploy to remind everyone that he exists.
  • Justin literally just learned how to use Photoshop.

Honestly, now that I think about it — the truth is probably a combination of all three explanations.