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Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Just Trolled Trump’s Statue—And We Love It

It hasn’t been a good year and change for Donald Trump, and, as a result, most of the free world. It has, however, been a great time for statues of Donald Trump. While he is an American president. nobody is building proud, bronze artistic monuments quite yet, what with his low approval ratings and the fact that he’d want one built not out of bronze, but of all of the gold in the universe.

Some lesser, more amusing statues of Trump have been unleashed, but they’ve served more as effigies unto which people can channel and project their frustrations and anger they feel toward the real Trump. Disneyland unveiled its Trump for its famous robotic Hall of Presidents display, although it didn’t look like Trump at all, unless you think Trump looks like the unholy love child of Jon Voight and a chicken, which then subsequently melted while trying on a cheap suit.

There was also a quite unflattering NAKED statue of Trump that showed up in New York City’s Union Square…

…which prompted the city’s parks department—in Trump’s hometown—to take a very funny shot below the belt.

Probably the most realistic looking statue of Trump is the one created by the master wax craftspeople of Madam Tussad’s, the legendary, tourist-friendly wax museum in London. But just because they have lofty artistic ambitions and a dedication to accuracy doesn’t mean they can’t also get in on the fun of roasting Trump when he acts like a jerk. Yesterday, Trump announced that his long-promised state visit to London was off the table. Why? Real estate issues and something bad he thinks President Obama did—the usual Trump stuff.

The good people at Madame Tussads decided that since the real Trump wasn’t coming to London, they’d take their Trump to London. Today, the museum’s Trump statue appeared outside that same controversial embassy.