The ‘Smug Cheerleader’ Is The New Meme To Satisfy Your Petty Side

When I was younger, I attended “cheer camp.” And no, this was not the esteemed summer getaway meant for training elite cheerleaders — this was essentially glorified daycare, which culminated in a half-hearted performance during the halftime of a football game, dressed as a dancing flower. Since then, my only connection to the world of cheerleading has been Bring It On (which, despite its staggering realism, is probably not the most accurate representation of the cheerleading experience).

However, a recent Twitter meme has given me new insights into the cheer world, and I have to say, it seems to have more attitude than any Kirsten Dunst movie in existence.

Recently, Johnny Tilley filmed North Carolina’s Cheer Extreme Senior Elite squad at the Universal Spirit SOH competition. Before the squad’s routine started, Tilley managed to capture a truly fabulous and intimidating game face from one of the cheerleaders, Ryan Cummings.

That is the face of a woman who is daring you to make fun of the oversized bow sitting on top of her head.

Ryan’s face was so devastatingly fierce that Twitter soon glommed onto clip and began using it as a reaction GIF.

The meme became a good-natured (albeit shady) way to accuse certain people/groups of major smugness.

Ryan seemed fairly content with her newfound viral meme status, sharing a GIF of the now-iconic reaction shot on Twitter and saying that she was “Honored.”

And, considering the fact that the squad apparently won first place in the competition, I’d say the smug face was probably warranted.