Twitter Outdid Themselves With These Memes Of Trump And Macron Planting A Tree

The Trump administration is extremely consistent in two particular areas: firing people, and creating bizarre and ridiculous photo ops for us to laugh about.

Recently, French president Emmanuel Macron came to visit Donald Trump in the White House and brought along a sapling as a symbolic gift of the friendship between the two leaders.

In a ceremonial dig, Trump and Macron then planted the European Sessile Oak on the White House grounds, supervised by Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron.

While the idea of our two countries nurturing a symbolic tree together sounds very nice and hopeful, photos from the actual tree-planting were so hilariously bizarre that Twitter users simply couldn’t help themselves.

Truly, I may frame this image and put it on my wall, as a reminder that we live in very strange times, indeed. (Also, it’s just delightful to see our orange, puffy national figurehead engaged in a bout of even remotely physical activity.)