Woman Uses Beyonce GIF To Explain What Happened To Roy Moore—And It’s Spot On

In a surprising political turn of events, Democrat Doug Jones won the election as the new Senator of the state of Alabama, which is usually a Republican state. Jones was going up against Republican Roy Moore, who has been in the media spotlight under allegations of sexual harassment and pedophilia. However, many voters showed up to the polls this year to bring a Democrat into the Senate for Alabama. More importantly, black voters came through for Doug Jones. According to CNN, 98% of black women who voted on Tuesday voted for Doug Jones. As well, 93% of black men voted for Jones. Black women made up 17% of the voters, while black men made up 11% of the voters.

While all voters are important, many have been expressing their gratitude to the black women who showed up and casted their votes for Jones, showing that if people do go to the polls, they will have a voice. Hopefully, in the coming years, many people will see that voting does make a difference and we can bring forth change if we really want to and try. Twitter users have been sharing their own thoughts and excitement on the election results.

One Twitter user shared a Beyoncé GIF to sum up how black women took over the election and it was accurate and perfect to sum up what had gone down Tuesday night.

And, many agree.