Just 16 Times Hermione Granger Saved Everyone’s Butt

If you’re a lowly muggle who finds themselves captivated by tales of the wizarding world (same), then there’s a decent chance you’re already a big fan of Hermione Granger, Harry Potter’s bestie and partner-in-magic. And really, what’s not to love? Hermione is smart, capable, she hangs with the boys, and she made those of us born with frizzy hair (*ahem*) feel slightly better about our given genetic betrayal.

However, if you take a step back, Hermione deserves so much more credit than that which is given to her. She wasn’t so much a member of Harry Potter’s trio as she was an insanely competent mom who was constantly keeping her two young children out of trouble.

It’s high time that we all recognize: every Hogwarts student who is alive at the end of the series (a rapidly dwindling number, I’ll admit) probably owes their life to Hermione Granger, in some form or fashion.

Here are just a few instances where Hermione saved the day, as well as everybody’s damn butts:

16. When she was like, “Um, guys, I know what’s up with the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Hermione was the first person to figure out the identity of Nicholas Flamel and how he was responsible for the creation of the Sorcerer’s Stone — all thanks to a simple Chocolate Frog card. She was also eleven years old at the time. So Hermione was ahead of the curve even as, like, a zygote.

15.  When she went to painstaking lengths to create Polyjuice Potion for everyone.

Preparing the Polyjuice Potion takes roughly a month, you guys. A MONTH. Harry may have gone to the trouble of actually killing the blasted basilisk (which is pretty impressive, to give credit where credit is due), but if it weren’t for Hermione’s potion-making skills, he would have never discovered where the Chamber of Secrets was actually located.

14. When she gave the Devil’s Snare a sick burn.

No, really. She actually lit it on fire. When the gang was on their way to snatching up the Sorcerer’s Stone, they got caught in the python-like Devil’s Snare, which would have engulfed them completely if Hermione hadn’t remembered the rhyme about the dangerous plant only surviving in dark, damp places.

13. When she kept Professor Lockhart’s class in check.

When Gilderoy Lockhart attempted to impress his class by unleashing a group of Cornish Pixies, Hermione was the only one able to restore order, thanks to a simple freezing charm. Neville Longbottom basically owes his intact ears all to Hermione.

12. When she gave Harry and Ron a clue about the Chamber of Secrets … while she was petrified.

Hermione was petrified by the basilisk’s reflection, yet she still managed to hold on to a piece of paper containing a clue (which Ron and Harry were able to obtain while visiting her in the hospital wing). Yeah, no big deal, Hermione basically just solved THE ENTIRE MYSTERY even though she was incapacitated. You’re welcome, MEN.


Hermione used a time-turner to save Buckbeak’s life, and she somehow managed to do it all without negatively altering the course of time (probably). Remember that time when Dumbledore trusted you enough to give you a powerful device which allowed you to meddle with the past, present and future? Yeah, me neither. Because none of us are Hermione Granger, and none of us are competent.

10. When she was a better investigative journalist than Rita Skeeter.

Hermione figured out that Rita Skeeter was an unregistered (read: illegal) animagus (which is how she managed to scoop all of her gossipy stories) and Hermione essentially nipped that nonsense right in the bud. Thank goodness, because who really wants Rita Skeeter sniffing around their business? Especially considering her proclivity for spreading slander about a certain Gryffindor seeker …

9. When she helped Harry defeat the Hungarian Horntail.

Oh, you don’t remember this bit? It was easily glossed over in the movie, but Hermione was actually the person who taught Harry how to use a Summoning Charm in order to retrieve his broomstick for the first task in the Triwizard Tournament. Which, if you’ll recall, totally saved his behind in the face of a fire-breathing dragon.

8. When she rallied on behalf of house elves everywhere.

Okay, so S.P.E.W. was an admittedly convoluted part of the books, BUT Hermione’s intentions with the organization were pure — and if everyone hadn’t given her so much grief about it, Kreacher the elf might’ve been more accommodating and Sirius might not have ventured to the Ministry of Magic to find Harry (just sayin’).

7. When she basically led Dolores Umbridge to her doom.

Y’all, Hermione is tricky AF. Instead of mouthing off to the abominable Umbridge, Hermione just sneakily led her to believe that Dumbledore’s “secret weapon” was in the woods, and instead led her to both Grawp and a herd of angry centaurs. Game recognize game, Hermione.