J.K. Rowling’s Kind Response To A Harry Potter Fan Battling Depression Is Surprisingly Vulnerable

Depression often makes us turn to our most comforting habits — whether that means watching Golden Girls while snuggled up on the couch, or completing a satisfying page in an intricate coloring book, or taking an inordinately large number of bubble baths.

For Twitter user Sally Burns, her comfort blanket during a recent bout of depression was the Harry Potter series. Burns tweeted about battling her depression and thanked author J.K. Rowling for penning the magical series.

Rowling responded to the tweet with a lovely sentiment, reminding Burns that she, too, has been pulled out of the throes of depression by Harry Potter characters.

Fans were delighted by the response,  and used the opportunity to share their own stories of how the Harry Potter universe offered emotional support and healing during troubled times.

But, Rowling isn’t so narcissistic as to believe that the Harry Potter series is the only set of books to be helpful to a depressed soul, and she revealed that she regularly finds comfort in other inspiring books during times of duress.

As per usual, J.K. Rowling excels in offering words of comfort. (It’s like she’s an excellent writer or something??)