This Cat’s Reaction To A Possum Stealing Her Dinner Gets Increasingly Better With Every Photo

One of the worst things that can happen to any living being is to have their food yionked out from right underneath them. You’re looking down at your long-awaited dinner, and all the sudden, it becomes someone else’s dinner! The indecency! The immorality of it all!

That’s precisely what happened to an adorable cat belonging to Imgur user MrRogers247. She went outside for dinner, only to find an uninvited guest tucking into her meal. And rather than wax territorial and start a fight, she just…looked up…at her dad…with a world of sadness and bewilderment in her eyes…like, “are you forreal gonna stand there and watch this happen? HELP. ME. HELP ME!”

With every picture, kitty’s pleas grow in vigor, leading us to ask the simple of question of why didn’t you videotape this, dude? (All captions provided by MrRogers247 himself.)

“Excuse me, that’s actually MY dinner”

“Umm. A little help please”

“You see there’s been a mistake, you accidentally gave MY dinner to this imposter”

“You serious??? You’re just gonna stand there and take pictures, I’m starving… You know what, that’s fine”

“I can share… oh my favorite. CAT food”

“Ok ok ok sorry, enjoy”

*Possum tariff, and cat tax included.

Errr, is that really what a possum foot looks like?

His lil toenails are kinda cute?

A lot of people quickly ragged on cat dad for taking pictures rather than intervening in a situation where his cat could’ve gotten hurt:

Some got really quite harsh:

To which OP MrRogers247 said:

h/t BoredPanda