Teachers Are Sharing The Pettiest Things They’ve Ever Done To Obnoxious Students, And It’s Impressive

2. dilscallion really showed “Francis” who was boss:

I taught middle school for 7 years and dealing with 8th graders can be a bit trying. I had this one male student who whined about everything. Every assignment, project, lecture involved some level of whining from this particular kid. He was a good-looking football jock who was just lazy when it came to academics. At some point while he was being particularly annoying I looked at him and said “settle down Francis” (not his real name and if you’ve ever seen the movie Stripes you’ll recognize the line). It was immediately obvious that the name bugged the crap out of him.

From that moment forward I started calling him Francis on a daily basis just to irritate him and he hated the name. I told my wife about it who was his math teacher at the time and she started calling him Francis as well. Soon all of his peers at school started addressing by Francis as well. I got such joy hearing people walking down the hall yell out “Hey Francis!” and seeing the irritated look on his face every time he heard the name. I have a million other stories on how I subtly f**ked with irritating students over the years but that is one of my favorites.

1. UkulelePunk definitely had the most savage coping mechanism, though:

I deleted a kid from the yearbook.