30+ Hilarious Teachers Who Could Give A Master Class On Trolling Students

Every day, teachers and professors are obliged to deal with the mood-swings of pubescent teenagers, or the forgetfulness of college freshmen, or the classroom disruptions of bored children. And, to top it all off, most of them are essentially paid in breadcrumbs.

So, is it any wonder that, from time to time, educators find creative and diabolical ways to mess with their students?

Here are some of the most devilishly hilarious ways that teachers have pranked, trolled, or thrown shade at their students — and honestly, I think they all deserve extra credit points.


The Professor is Not Mad… Just Disappointed from funny


My chemistry teachers solution to people stealing her calculators. from mildlyinteresting






My friend doodled on an assignment, the teacher had a question. from funny


Look what I got from my teacher from pics

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