People Are Revealing Some Of The Pettiest Venmo Requests They’ve Ever Received

In a modern friend group, it’s inevitable that you’re going to split costs with your pals using Venmo from time to time. However, it also means that there will be ample opportunity for people to abuse their Venmo privileges. Divvying up the dinner bill is one thing, but nickel-and-diming everybody when they eat some of your old tortilla chips is taking things TOO FAR. (And yes, I am looking at MY OWN FRIENDS when I say this.)

Recently, Nicole Cliffe asked her Twitter followers to share the pettiest Venmo charges they’ve ever received.

The responses were proof that I am not the only one who begrudges someone for Venmoing their own guests at a potluck.

Honestly, some of these petty requests make me feel true, physical anger.

However, some people actually used Venmo PAYMENTS as an opportunity to be petty.

In the end, though, let’s be honest: if you’re going to be this fussy about your food, maybe you shouldn’t be sharing it with other people??