Soccer Fan Shows Team Loyalty By Tattooing Their Jersey On His Torso

Fandom is a strange and complex thing, particularly when it comes to the world of sports. As someone who’s not particularly attached to a team (or sport, for that matter), I’m often mystified by the level of extreme devotion displayed by sports fans.

However, one Brazilian man has officially taken his team devotion to new and unsettling levels.

33-year-old Maurício dos Anjos recently decided to show his dedication to his preferred soccer team, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, by having the team’s home jersey tattooed over his torso.

40% of dos Anjos’ body is now covered in a black and red-striped “jersey.

According to VICE, the tattoo took “32 sessions and over 90 hours to complete.”

Obviously, this level of fanaticism is pretty extra — especially considering the fact that dos Anjos’ “jersey” now covers a tattoo which he got to commemorate his daughter’s birth. “I have one [tattoo] for my eldest daughter,” he told VICE, “her footprint, with her name and date of birth. It was on my back, but the jersey tattoo covered it, so I’ll redo that one somewhere else.”


Twitter wasted no time in raising their skeptical eyebrows over dos Anjos’ questionable life choice.

Honestly, the most bizarre part of this whole story is that this man is married, and his wife (reluctantly) allowed him to get this bonkers tattoo.

I mean, that HAS to be true love, right?