President Trump Explained Why He Canceled His Trip To London—And Now It’s A Meme

President Trump has been promising to make an official state visit to the United Kingdom for quite some time. The U.K.’s prime minister, Theresa May, a conservative ally and defender of Trump, has been promising Trump’s official state visit for quite some time. Neither has ever given any specific dates, because, you know, they’ve just been real busy and things have been just, like so crazy, you know, but it’s always been on the table for sometime in the future.

Last night, just a few hours after the news broke that in a meeting with senators about immigration reform, he objected to people coming to the U.S. from Haiti and parts of Africa because they are “sh*thole countries,” Trump took to Twitter to give the people the one thing they desperately needed and wanted. An apology? LOLOLOL JK, no. He gave an update on why that  much-rumored and much-promised trip to foggy London town wouldn’t come to pass.

Trump went through all his greatest hits on this one. He claims to have straight up canceled his trip to London because of an expensive real estate deal, and because Obama did something bad—his two favorite things to talk about.

Perhaps he’s just desperately trying to find some excuse to get himself off the hook, so he can do more of what Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury says is the president’s favorite pastime: hanging out in bed, watching TV, and eating cheeseburgers.

Trump’s excuse is so long-winded and detailed that it wound up sounding preposterous to many. And those people turned it into a meme. The internet is lighting up with other people’s petty, overly-detailed, silly-sounding excuses as to why they canceled their own fake London trips. Check out this dank new meme.