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Prepare For Nightmares—’Dear David’ Just Popped Up In Some Creepy Photos

“Dear David” is probably the spookiest thing on the entire Internet. It dominates cartoonist Adam Ellis’s Twitter feed. You see, a few months ago, weird things started happening in Ellis’s apartment, and before long, Ellis pinpointed what he’s pretty sure is the cause of the strangeness: a ghost. Ellis calls the spirit — who also seems to have a dented head, likely the reason he’s a ghost and not a real boy — Dear David.

For whatever reason (fun? ghostly duties?) Dear David moderately terrorizes Ellis. He watches him while he sleeps, messes around in the attic, haunts his dreams, and shows up in photographs when Ellis leaves a camera set up. You know, spooky ghost stuff. (Is any of this really real? Who cares? It’s scary!)

Ellis hadn’t updated the world on Dear David in a while, leading some to wonder if Dear David had sucked out his soul, or taken residence of his body, the way ghosts are wont to do. Nah, Ellis was just sick, but earlier this week he made up for lost time with a long Twitter thread detailing his latest encounters with Dear David, which are the creepiest ones yet.

Ellis started waking up in the middle of the night, feeling uneasy.

Suspecting Dear David, he set up his phone to take a photo of his bedroom every 60 seconds while he slept.

And then things got weird.

Nothing in that chair on the left side of the photo…

And there he is.

Then Adam and Ellis play the world’s spookiest game of Hide and Seek.

Dear David got close. Too close.

If this is freaking you out, you should probably stop reading at this point. Otherwise…don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Ellis is tired, but he’s probably not going to be sleeping well for awhile. Neither will his readers.