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Police Department Twitter Uses Flawless Memes For Announcements–Becomes Internet Hero

The police department of Mumbai, India, does three things: They protect. They serve. They provide teh LOLZ. Whoever is running the Twitter account for the police department of the Indian megapolis (population: 18 million) has a strong social media and meme game. They spread safety tips, crime prevention ideas, and community news bulletins with the pictures, GIFs, memes, and creative uses of trending topics and hashtags that you, Internet resident, absolutely treasure.

Such as Stranger Things.

They really dig Stranger Things.

And Pirate of the Caribbean.

Even the police idolize Katniss.

And superheroes, of course.

They can even make Monica Gellar likeable!

Over the last couple of years, news stories about police departments have gone viral because they are very, very bad stories: shooting unarmed civilians, and things like that. But by being friendly, supportive, and relatable, at the very least the Mumbai Police have won back hearts and minds. People on Twitter are absolutely loving it.

You are really the boss of streets of Mumbai and Social Media.

Hats off!!!!

People are digging how in-touch it makes the department seem.

Really like some state police being tech savvy, Mumbai especially.

Count on @MumbaiPolice to always keep up with popular culture.

Here, here!

again, whoever’s handling this, GIVE THEM A M’Fing RAISE