No, The New Backstreet Boys Song Is Not A Cover Of An Elton John Classic

Fangirls, rejoice: for the first time in five years, the Backstreet Boys are back (try to refrain from singing) with a new single. However, the announcement for the BSB’s new song initially caused a bit of confusion.

On Wednesday, the Backstreet Boys busted back onto the scene with a single entitled “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

Here’s the catch, though: as (perhaps slightly older) music-lovers know, there’s already a famous song called “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” and that iconic anthem was sung by none other than Elton John and Kiki Dee.

Come on. You know you’ve heard it.

Twitter definitely noticed — and people definitely did a few double-takes before they realized that BSB wasn’t actually trying to deliver a cover of an Elton John classic.

Sorry, Backstreet Boys — looks like it’s been a kind of clunky return. But! That doesn’t mean we can’t all appreciate the fact that a new Backstreet Boys song exists, even if it is ripping off the title of a considerably more famous tune.

Check it out: