Taylor Swift Covered Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ And People Are Straight-Up Offended

Once again, Taylor Swift has managed the near-impossible: by doing something seemingly innocuous that has also unintentionally offended large swaths of people.

On Thursday, Swift released an Instagram video which teased at the release of a new version of her song “Delicate” and a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic funk hit “September.”

The cover is part of the Spotify Singles series, in which artists cover classic songs.

If you’ll recall, this is the original version of “September” (which you have absolutely heard, and don’t even pretend like you haven’t).

Well, Taylor’s version of “September” dropped today and is now available for streaming on Spotify.

Some Taylor stans were extremely excited about the new cover.

However, some people gave the cover a hard pass.


Quite a few people expressed major displeasure over Swift covering a song from a soul group and watering it down completely.

People found the cover of the soul and funk classic to be “disrespectful.”

Like … people were pissed.

While it does admittedly seem somewhat blasphemous for Taylor to take such a classic and turn it into a standard, oversaturated pop song, it’s unlikely to matter to Tay-Tay — particularly considering that all of this controversy is only bound to increase the song’s streaming potential.