Attention Ladies, Prince Harry’s Super Steamy Cousin Is Still Single And Looking For A Wife

If you’re not over the fact that both Prince William and Prince Harry are both married off–and your dreams of becoming a Royal are kind of crushed–we have some pretty good news for you.
Both Prince Harry and Prince William have a super steamy cousin, Louis Spencer, who is still single and available. Sure, he may not be a prince exactly, but I’m sure he gets invited to all of the Royal events and holiday parties. Plus, he’s kind of hotter than both William and Harry–sorry, not sorry.

Here he is at the wedding with his mother and two sisters looking rather dapper.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Louis’ father, Earl Spencer, is Princess Diana’s brother. Essentially, one day, Louis will inherit his father’s title–so he’ll be a countess (which, is still Royal AF). You also would move into their huge home–Althorp–which houses over 90 rooms.

And, if you think this smoke show is on fire–you better act fast, because Twitter is already swooning.