Millennials Fire Back At Baby Boomers Who Say They Spend Too Much On Unnecessary Luxuries

One of the most beloved Baby Boomer pastimes (apart from reminiscing about the “good old days”) is complaining about Millennials and all the ways in which they don’t pass muster. One of the most pervasive of these complaints is the assertion that Millennials are irresponsible with money.

However — have Boomers ever stopped to consider that people of their generation are actually huge suckers for unnecessary expenditures?

As one Twitter user pointed out, it certainly isn’t a Millennial notion to have a full set of “good” china that only comes out when guests are around.

Seriously. Millennials would be stoked to have ONE complete set of dishes, let alone TWO.

And don’t even get me started on their obsession with SITTING ROOMS.

Or the shams.

Or the guest towels.

Honestly, the amount of money that Boomers spend on their homes makes avocado toast look pretty negligible.

Ultimately, it comes down to older generations’ assumptions that modern necessities are somehow “luxury” just because they’re new.

But, if Boomers have any doubts about these claims, they can always just direct their attention towards this handy chart.