Talk Show Asks If Millennials Are ‘Useless’—And The Responses Are On Point

Gosh, these Millennials these days, I tell ya. All they do is strive to make the world a better place while at the same time struggling to get by financially because the people in charge of the economy don’t want to pay them anything or give them benefits. It’s like, why do you even exist, millennials? Go back to your parents houses, where you have no choice but to live, and console yourselves with your extraordinarily expensive avocado toasts while you Snapchat your Instagrams and cry onto your pile of participation trophies!

The older generation throws around a lot of insulting clichés about the younger generation, a classic interplay that’s going on in the culture right now as a battle of Baby Boomers struggling to hold onto relevance vs. Millennials trying to gain a toehold in a world the Baby Boomers are letting burn to the ground.

While other morning news shows in England discussed the impending doom caused by Brexit, Good Morning Britain ran a panel discussion in which a bunch of old people—including Piers Morgan—posited the theory that Millennials are useless, because they couldn’t do a handful of “traditional household jobs.” Also, they’re a bunch of “youngsters” who are content to learn tasks by watching YouTube tutorials. Which somehow makes them useless?