Man Tweets Ridiculously Huge Bill He Received From Uber For 20 Minute Ride—And We’re Cringing

We’ve all experienced some problems with services and apps. Sometimes, we’re charged way too much on our credit cards and have to sit on hold with the customer service center of companies for hours (which no one wants to ever do). But, many of times when we experience issues, it’s never that big of a deal. Unless, of course, you were charged over $18,000 for a 20-minute Uber ride. That sounds like something anyone would freak out over. And, while it sounds like something that would never happen, it actually did to poor Hisham.

Hisham tweeted about an issue with Canada’s Uber service when he was charged $18,518.50 for a 20- minute car ride to the hospital. Obviously, Hisham thought it was a minor mistake on the app’s part, but when he contacted them through the app to fix the issue, the customer service rep told him that the charge was indeed correct. WTF?!?

Apparently, Hisham had accidentally selected the “metered fare” option rather than the Uber X fare, which basically tracks your account until you arrive at your location. And, the Uber rep claimed he did not enter that exact address when originally requesting his Uber. So, she claimed the price of over $18,000 was indeed correct. Seeing as it’s the most outrageous response and bullsh*t excuse, Hisham took to Twitter to ask the world for some help with what to do.

People responded to Hisham telling them that they’ve also had some pretty horrible issues with Uber in the past. After his tweet went pretty viral, Uber finally corrected their mistake and issued Hisham a refund plus a $150 credit to his Uber account. But, he wasn’t exactly satisfied and to be honest, I wouldn’t be either. That’s pretty poor customer service on Uber’s behalf and it’s pretty damn obvious that it was a mistake that he selected the metered fare. Who really wants to be charged over $18,000 for a 20-minute car ride? The company should have looked into it after he originally contacted them.

Hisham had stated he thought it was a bit ridiculous that it took his tweet going viral and other people speaking about his situation for them to take action. And, we agree.