A Costco In Australia Is Selling A Really Expensive Diamond Ring — And We Have Questions

Costco is an excellent shopping destination for those of us who enjoy paying less for household items by buying them in bulk — and apparently, it’s also a destination for people who are considering proposing with a pricey diamond ring.

Twitter user Jennifer Bechwati recently posted a photo of an Australian Costco which happened to be selling a platinum solitaire diamond ring for $499,999.

Um … I guess you might as well knock out that engagement ring shopping while you’re purchasing a year’s supply of paper towels?

Obviously, Twitter was fairly tickled by the whole thing.

Of course, the most baffling part of the whole thing is that the ring is actually ridiculously expensive. You’d think if you purchased a Costco diamond ring you’d at least get a killer deal.

Oh well. Here’s hoping that whoever purchases this piece of jewelry keeps quiet about where they purchased the ring — otherwise they might have trouble getting a “yes.”