This Daughter’s Reaction To Finding Out Her Dad Had Become A Super Awkward Meme Is Pretty Priceless

One of the most nightmarish modern scenarios is probably realizing that one of your parents has unintentionally gone viral with their (or YOUR) prior knowledge.

Recently, model Dominique Robinson took a selfie on the streets of Manhattan to demonstrate just how glowy and summery she was looking. However, she was upstaged by a man in the background of the photo, who appeared to be HIGHLY preoccupied with her cleavage.

Robinson posted the selfie, along with the comment “Wow, what a photobomb.”

People were pretty entertained by the dude’s apparent ogling.

But, the story doesn’t end there: apparently, the man in the background of the photo is a dad from Queens, New York named Dennis Leavey. When Dennis’ 23-year-old daughter, Alex, recognized him in the background of the photo, she tweeted about it and called him out.

“I immediately knew it was my dad and was laughing at most of the replies to it,” Alex told BuzzFeed News. “My dad has a really big personality so for people who know him it was so funny that of all people walking around in Manhattan of all places this picture was taken and he’s in it.”

Needless to say, people were highly entertained by the whole debacle.

Alex also explains that Dennis is actually blind in one eye, so in reality, he wasn’t even being lascivious in the photo.

“Looking at the picture, he says he was just looking down!” she says.

How does Alex’s mom feel about the whole viral incident? Well, according to a Twitter update, she finds the whole thing to be pretty funny — except for the fact that her daughter used the “F-word” in a tweet.

Honestly, this seems like a pretty cool family.