Aziz Ansari Sex Story Author Goes Viral For Her Explosive Email To Cable News Host

Katie Way, a 22-year-old reporter at, garnered widespread media attention earlier this week for her piece about an anonymous woman’s traumatizing sexual encounter with comedian Aziz Ansari. In the article, the woman (dubbed “Grace” to protect her identity) describes her date with Ansari in painstaking detail to Way, recounting how he pressured her into sexual situations that made her uncomfortable, repeatedly ignoring her “nonverbal” cues.

The interview subsequently went viral, prompting both support and outrage from online communities, as well as a public apology from Ansari, who believed the encounter had been “consensual.” Reputable publications such as The Atlantic ran opinion pieces trashing the story as nothing more than “revenge porn,” and many berated for sloppy editorial standards.

HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield criticized Ansari’s accuser on the air, saying “I’m sorry you had a bad date,” but that “Grace” had no basis to claim victimization.

HLN apparently extended a subsequent invitation for Katie Way to appear on Banfield’s show, “Crime & Justice.”

Way responded by writing an angry and vitriolic email which did more than simply declining the offer. The writer took Banfield and HLN to task for criticizing “Grace,” calling Banfield a “burgundy lipstick, bad highlights, second wave (sic) feminist has-been.”

The email went viral after a Babe editor sent a copy to Business Insider‘s Max Tani.

Many people felt that Way did not come out of the interaction looking mature or competent, and were cringing over the self-righteous tone of the email.