Guy’s Reaction To His Girlfriend’s Cute Selfie Is So Damn Over-The-Top That Everyone Is Clapping

While older generations happily give millennials grief for taking selfies, I will freely admit that there’s a refreshing sort of empowerment to be found in the rise of selfie popularity. Sure, the practice tends to nurture our more narcissistic tendencies — but, it can also be a helpful way to encourage confidence and self-love.

When you know you’re looking good, there’s no reason not to flaunt it just a little bit.

Recently, Twitter user Alexia noticed that her hair, makeup, and overall fuckin’ aura were looking undeniably fabulous. So, she decided to take a mirror selfie and send it to her boyfriend. (You know, just to remind him how fortunate he is to have her in his life.)

And let me tell you, his reaction did not disappoint. His reaction was the MOST.

Yes. This man straight-up pretended to faint upon receiving his girlfriend’s selfie. This is the level of romantic support to which we should all aspire.

People were truly impressed that this dude went to the trouble of staging such a picture-perfect reaction.

There were multiple people involved in this operation.

Why can’t we all find this kind of devotion?

An ideal romantic partner should always be your biggest fan — even if that means laying prostrate on the floor in order to make you laugh.

Basically: everyone is in support of this (highly dramatic) union.

Here’s hoping that Alexia doesn’t expect this reaction every time she sends a cute selfie her boyfriend’s way, though. I think the man has earned a reprieve from taking reaction photos for the foreseeable future.

After all, there’s only so many times you can be expected to lie on the cold, dirty floor.