10+ Groupies Who F*cked Bands And Told Us Everything About It

7. bigpuffy danced with Bieber, except he didn’t even care:

My friend got “chosen” as one of Justin Beiber’s girls. Didn’t bang but it’s weird story regardless.

He was in Boston for a show and she was at a bar outside. He rolls up with 2 escalades and a bunch of big security dudes. He looks inside the bar, points to a couple girls, looks at my friend and points to her as well. Security bros approach my friend (let’s call her Mel) and say “Justin wants you to come with us”. She’s like uhhh ok. So he goes in one escalade filled with girls and Mel goes into the other escalade, also filled with girls.

They drive to a local club and skip the huge line. The dance floor clears and the girls surround him. The beibs lights a cigarette and points to one girl to dance with him. They start dancing and the crowd goes wild. Repeats this with other girls. Craziest thing is that he’s not even paying attention to the girls. There’s a mirror wall and he’s just watching his reflection dance.

Mel’s like f*ck this I’m out and a bunch of other girls join her. Wasn’t even fun. Changed my view of Justin. I know he’s full of himself but holy SH*T.

6. Babi_Cakes is a savage.

We didn’t have sex – but I was barely over 18 and messaged a famous guitarist on MySpace (cringe) saying I was excited for the show when the band would be in town. He messaged back his phone number and said call him and we arranged to meet up and go to the movies.

Met him at a hotel in my town and was surprised he was just staying in a regular hotel room, signing autographs to mail out to fans. I was super chill and laid back and maybe it caught him off guard that I wasn’t freaking out or all emotional about being him. I think he became paranoid and thought I was trying to catch him up with a sex with a minor charge or something because he started acting super weird (makes sense looking back, dude was like 30 something).

Anyway we saw the movie and at the end of the night he wouldn’t let me take a pic of him in front of my car. Only in front of the tour bus behind his hotel. He said he’d give me backstage passes for the show the next night. I asked at the office for the pass next day, and they said they had nothing with my name on it. I was so let down.. And he was so different from how I’d imagined. Very feminine and a bit weird for hanging with an 18 yr old from MySpace. Hope he thinks about it sometimes now and cringes too.

Edited to be a bit nicer about my story. He wasn’t really a creep. I was hurt about not getting the backstage pass he had promised that’s all.

 5. Hilero‘s friend has a very useful talent:

My friend blew Joey Badass and some of his entourage after his show; apparently she was one of the top four blowjob givers they had ever encountered as she proudly told me after.

4. AC/DC shook umbreon26‘s mom…allllll niiiiight loooong (I’M NOT SORRY).

My mum has these old photos from the late 70s(? Might not be the right decade) from when she and a couple friends were invited into AC/DCs hotel room. She mentioned how her mum confiscated photos she had of Bon Scott’s dick. She didn’t give a lot of details since I was a young teen. I’m prettyyyy sure she had sex with at least one of them.

Edit: So here we have (left to right) my mum, Malcolm Young, Angus Young and mums friend then Mark Evans and Phil Rudd at the back-left. I asked about grandma vs the Bon Scott dick pic, and she said they reckon she took it out of mums school(!) bag but never admitted it. She has a Scott pic in the album somewhere – this pic was on her phone.

Kinda hoping she didn’t bang any of them since she was probably 17 at the time… I wasn’t game enough to ask haha. Sorry if this went a bit off topic from the original question.

I don’t think it had any negative effect on her view of the band as she still loves them to this day regardless of the members.

3. And that was the last time mobg0blin saw his ex:

My ex-girlfriend ditched me after a Say Anything show to f*ck Max Bemis. I left her there and drove the ~600 miles back home, by myself.

2. Meshan, pray tell, what sort of sammich?

My mum had a sandwich with Jimmy Hendrix , does that count?

1. Did triodoubledouble‘s ex switch teams because of the Used?

My ex met in a bar the singer of The Used when they were touring the night before of after the show they made in my city.
It was in the Myspace years.
He told her he was into heroin and they wore protection. I was happy for her. Epilogue; she’s a lesbian now.