10+ Groupies Who F*cked Bands And Told Us Everything About It

Hooking up with a rock star is every young girl’s dream, so when Reddit user maherniac asked: “Band groupies that had sex with their idols, how did it affect the way you saw them afterwards?” we were all too excited to read the kiss-and-tell stories of the young and impressionable.

Thank goodness for the internet.

14. NotTodaySatan1 met Jason Mraz, who is a really nice guy it turns out!!!

Jason Mraz once bought me a beer after a show, then walked me to my car afterwards because it was late and I was alone. This was June 2003. He was super nice.

EDIT: Jason if you see this, you were super nice to an awkward girl. Thanks man. Ps you totally could have gotten laid.

13. x32ssuck‘s friend blew up Skrillex’s spot:

A friend slept with skrillex. He cried and made her sign a waver.

12. IHv2RtrnSumVdeotapes‘ ex was not about that “persona” Gene Simmons meeting:

my ex met gene simmons a few weeks ago at a convention. after getting a picture with him he asked her for her phone number because according to him “im doing a show later tonight and i like to bring a lot of pretty girls on the stage and you can come up.”

Later she said his personal assistant blew her cell phone up stating that gene would like to have a “more personal meeting” after the show. she adores kiss its her favorite band, but said “im not banging old ass gene simmons.”

11. Does Newhomeworld‘s tribute experience count? You decide.

I wasn’t a groupie as such but dated a guy in a tribute band for Guns N Roses a few years ago.

He and I would have sex regularly, and the “Axel” of the band suggested we have a threesome sometime. I spoke with the guy I was dating and we arranged it. He still wore his Axel getup and quoted him, asked me to call him Axel Rose and it was the most cringeworthy experience of my life.

10. According to adsherlock, Russell Brand has a sex house. Surprised?

Friend of a friend hooked up with Russell Brand a couple of years ago after one of his standup shows in London. Apparently his ‘house’ was a warehouse with multiple floors. Bedroom on the ground floor to ‘get them in and get them out’. She went back one more time. Decided he is a total creep and never returned. Don’t think she has been to see any of his shows since.

9. hopsinduo‘s friend’s mom slept with Robert Plant and got a clock:

My friends mum slept with Robert plant back in the day on a few occasions as a groupie. He gave her a clock as a present which turned out to be a clock from Royal Victoria Station in London. She talked quite fondly of the time and seemed to generally just be happy she was banging somebody attractive and good in bed. Oh and was from the best band in the world.

8. Yeti1Yeti1Yeti isn’t that impressed.

I had sex with Alyson Stoner (from Disney Channel and other stuff). It was great but didn’t really change how I saw her afterward