People Are Mercilessly Trolling Teen Vogue For This Article On How To Get ‘Your Best Summer Vagina’

Summer inevitably presents a whole new array of health concerns. From sunburns, to dehydration, to body odor (which, yes, I consider a health concern), it’s important to adjust your hygiene and skincare routine during the warmer months.

And apparently, that adjustment should also involve vaginal care.

Recently, Teen Vogue tweeted out an article with the social media headline, “How To Get Your Best Summer Vagina Ever.”

The headline of the article itself is slightly less salacious, and is entitled “How to Keep Your Vagina Healthy All Summer.” However, the tweet version is definitely giving people pause.

I mean, aren’t vaginas suitable for all seasons??

In all honesty, the article means well. While the Twitter headline certainly seems to imply that waxing and vajazzling are on the menu, the piece actually endeavors to discuss best practices when it comes to water, sweat and sand getting into your swimsuit area. Basically, it’s all about how to keep your vag happy and avoid any unwanted/uncomfortable yeast infections during the humid summer months — which, for teenage girls, is actually incredibly useful information.

However, Teen Vogue definitely opted for a more sensationalist angle in their tweet, and the hilarity of a “summer vagina” was not lost on Twitter.

People wasted no time in mercilessly roasting the headline for the rather silly implication that vaginas are somehow seasonal.

All joking aside: hopefully, this extra online attention will actually encourage more readership and help to inform young women on how to keep their crotch comfy and healthy during the sweltering summer. (You laugh, but vagina health is real, yo.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go grab a lil’ paper umbrella for my nether region …