‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Abandoning Their Dogs—And A Shelter Knows Why

Everyone knows there’s nothing better in this world than getting yourself a puppy. If there’s one thing that is missing from my life, it’s a dog. I have everything I could possibly want and need in the world, so much so that I asked my family not to get me birthday gifts this year. But, I know that if I could, I’d ask for a dog. Having a dog in your life is like having someone who will always unconditionally love you the minute you walk through your front door no matter what happens in life. It’s a constant best friend and companion, especially when everyone else in the world pretty much sucks. So, why would anyone want to abandon their dog, their very best friend? According to one shelter, there’s a pretty good reason why.

Game of Thrones fans were pretty quick to adopt or buy huskies and malamutes after the show went pretty viral because every “real GoT fan” wanted their own “dire wolves.” Much like Ghost, fans wanted a loyal and true companion, just like every Stark had. But, there are some issues that come along with owning these puppies IRL.

One shelter, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, many pet owners are dropping off their huskies and  malamutes after discovering that they’re difficult to raise in small, city-like apartments. As well, according to the shelter, these breeds don’t like to be left alone for extended periods of time and require a lot of exercise (more walks with your pup). This makes it difficult for pet-owners who work long hours and are away often to keep these kind of dogs in their lives.

The shelter noted that in 2010, a total of 53 huskies and malamutes were dropped off there. But, by 2013, the number had reached 116. This year alone, 74 huskies and malamutes have been brought into the shelter. They truly believe that the issue is the lack of thought that goes into getting a dog.

“Maybe people have got them without really thinking about what they have taken on, or people have been given them as present when they actually didn’t necessarily want to take on the responsibility of a dog or a cat around the rest of its life.”

It’s important to do your research when buying or adopting any kind of animal. There are breeds that are better suited for small apartments and breeds that require that extra space to roam free. As well, if you’re someone who has a busy and packed schedule, getting a dog that requires exercise and walks is probably not your best bet. Also, buying a specific animal just to appeal to a trend or fad is never a good idea, and, animals (like humans/babies) should only be brought into families and homes when people are truly ready, so that they aren’t left in shelters or pounds alone.