Elon Musk Told Twitter He’s Building A Cyborg Dragon, And ‘Game Of Thrones’ Just Responded

Yesterday, the internet spent the day pulling its collective hair out over Kanye West intentionally provoking everyone by professing his love for Donald Trump — and tech billionaire Elon Musk started feelin’ a little left out.

So, when Kanye started talking about how he and Trump both possess a “dragon energy” (whut), Elon decided to jump right in and drop what he undoubtedly assumed would be a bombshell: the fact that he is “building a cyborg dragon.”

Of course, I immediately have so many questions. Which is, of course, exactly what Elon was going for when he spouted off this rich dude nonsense.

Obviously, Twitter was like “Hi, Elon, we don’t care about your frivolous bullsh*t!”


However, Game of Thrones decided to play along, reminding Musk that his dragons aren’t the toast of the town (yet) …

… to which Musk replied with his own lighthearted threat.

Ha ha ha ha, good one Elon! Ha ha ha ha ha ha somebody please kill me I hate all of this.