A Poorly-Worded Memorial Bench Has The Internet Cracking Up

When one passes on, one hopes to be memorialized in some sort of touching, or poignant way. At the very least, one would expect their loved ones to not completely, irrevocably muss up the corporeal manifestation of their worldly legacy.

Unfortunately, Nicole Campbell wasn’t so lucky. Twitter user Jen D’Angelo (@jenlikespizza) uploaded a picture of memorial bench memorandum mistake that has English teachers around the country cackling with glee.

“Sorry,” she captioned the photo, “but I love this badly phrased memorial bench so much.” Us too, Jen. Us too.

The bench was simply trying to let the world know that Nicole Campbell couldn’t see a dog without smiling. Understandable. However the atrocious wording here casts Nicole Campbell in a far crueler light, implying that she

A) Had never in her life seen a dog, and

B) Never smiled.

Poor Nicole Campbell.

Twitter — the home of the world’s top roasters — found the bench hysterical.

The official Twitter account of Ginseng English — an online company that teaches people how to speak English — joined the conversation to break down precisely where Nicole Campbell’s bench-makers went wrong.

Here’s to you, Nicole Campbell. May wherever you are now include many dogs and spellcheckers.