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British Pop-Star Rita Ora Went On Germany’s ‘The Voice’ To Surprise The Judges–But Things Got Awkward

Not everyone is up to date on celebrities and entertainment it seems, even if you’re a judge on a popular television show. Rita Ora recently went on Germany’s “The Voice” to surprise judges and “auditioned” the way any other contestant would. The premise behind “The Voice,” if you don’t already know, is the auditions are “blind.” Contestants sing for four judges who have their backs turned, so they can only judge them solely on their voices. It’s a clever concept overall and has proven to be successful as the show has won numerous awards. But, when Rita Ora appeared on the show as a joke, when the judges turned their chairs – they had no idea who she was. Take a look.

Ouch. It has to be awkward for Ora once she realized none of the judges recognized her at all. They knew who she was once she introduced herself but, they didn’t believe it was actually her. Twitter, of course, found the entire situation pretty hilarious overall.

But, it seems as though they knew who she was – just didn’t know what she looked like.

Double awkward.