People Are Sharing The Embarrassing Moment They Realized Work Had Melted Their Brain

Whether you’re a salaried employee or you roll with an hourly gig, you know all too well that you end up taking work home with you. Even if you aren’t consciously thinking about it, doing the daily rise-‘n-grind can easily take a toll, and you may find little details from work infiltrating your brain — particularly if you happen to work in the service or retail industry. You may find yourself accidentally talking to your family members as if they’re your customers, or slipping up and using work jargon in a normal conversation.

Honestly, it happens to all of us. Because sometimes, work just fries your damn brain.

Recently, Tumblr user debrides shared a personal anecdote about a brainfart they experienced as the result of being a former preschool teacher:

(Pretty much every teacher out there is saying “Yup” right now.)

As a result, other Tumblr users felt compelled to share their own awkward stories of work-related word-vomit, which ranged from quirky to truly cringe-worthy: