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McDonald’s Makes A Bunch Of Mistakes In Tweet, And Wendy’s Jumped On It Hard

If there’s one thing I know about Twitter, it’s that companies are running the show. I’d personally like to thank each and every social media manager of restaurants and companies such as Taco Bell and Wendy’s for always tweeting and replying to tweets with hilarious puns, jokes, and burns. It always makes for a great laugh when I’m feeling like a trash person and eating their food (let’s face it, it’s delicious, but not good for my summer body). Recently, McDonald’s made a pretty big mistake on a tweet – it was essentially a “mock” of a tweet the company was planning to send out on Black Friday. But, instead of the actual tweet, they sent the memo.

Oops. I will admit, McDonald’s cleverly tried to save themselves by promoting their own coffee at the same time.

But, the social media kings at Wendy’s had a better idea in mind – the ultimate petty tweet.

Goddamn, Wendy, who knew you were such a savage? Clearly, people were loving this on-screen drama. Who doesn’t love an epic brawl between two of our favorite fast food restaurants?