People Are Sharing Their Worst ‘Accidental Essay Titles’ And It’ll Make You Double-Check Your Work Before Submitting

We’ve all been there– when we’re a student and writing a paper, we put a “working title” into the title section until we finish the paper/come up something clever.
While we usually change the “working title” before submitting the paper, there are those moments in time where we’re pulling all-nighters and completely forget to edit. Always edit your work, folks. One Twitter user, Elena Trueba, shared a paper she “almost submitted” with her working title: “Something Very Clever.”

In response, Twitter users are sharing their best/worst accidental essay titles that they either almost submitted–or actually have submitted.

“Source here, but indent and sh*t”

“Sappho was a Bad-Ass”

Someone loves Beyoncé.

Mood, always.


Very Important People.

That’s aggressive.